Greyhounds – Laying the Favourite – Betornot

As many of you might know I use a piece of software called Betangel which is a great tool for automating your bets in Betfair (and Betdaq). While I was experimenting with some greyhound markets I decided to try laying each favourite in each U.K. greyhound race. The results, whilst not life changing, were encouraging and just laying every favourite this week from Saturday for a level £1.00 stake has harvested a £20.00 profit over the 4 days. Like I say not life changing but profit is profit.
To this end I have started research into every greyhound race from last year (2021) and have produced an Excel workbook to summarise the results.

You have to remember that this is purely laying the favourite with no fancy trading involved but the information on the summary page can be manipulated to filter out scenarios such as Just laying Trap 1 if the favourite is drawn in that trap, what the Profit/Loss is laying the favourite at say 480m, etc
Anyway the worksheet can be downloaded by clicking the link below for anyone interested

Also if anyone is curious to the pros of using automated software to place your bets – or lay bets please go to

Author: Julie Holland